Here is the opening page of These Shadows Remain

“Where is this?” he murmured.

            theseshadowsremain    He thought he sat under an antenna. It was a tree. He thought he was staring at a TV screen. It was the sky. He thought he was in a seat in a theatre. It was the earth. He thought his ears buzzed with static. It was the air.

                “Who’s there?” he said, thinking someone or something was close.

                He closed his eyes. Images, strange and shadowy, began to appear to him, like projections on the backdrop of his eyelids. Suddenly the shadows were part of him. He felt that he belonged in their dark straying. Then there was nothing.


The knight woke up alone in the woods…

These Shadows Remain: A Fable” B.W. Powe, 2011 (Guernica)

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