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Review of B.W. Powe’s Recent Book Ladders Made of Water by Thomas Cooper

When you are reading LADDERS MADE OF WATER, you are immersing yourself in one of the great poetic minds of our century.   I love Powe’s writing and hope you’ll buy this book.  Both of us were students of Marshall McLuhan, and B.W’s writing about the Man of LaManitoba (McLuhan) is among the most knowledgeable, sensitive, and helpful.  Powe wrote the definitive book about the McLuhan-Frye relationship and is an important, top commentator about the poets, artists, and communication of our day.  A professor at York, BW is also a masterful teacher, so using his books in the classroom is a real plus for students.  LADDERS MADE OF WATER has my highest recommendation.

By Thomas Cooper PhD,
Emeritus Professor, Emerson College