Monthly Archives: March 2017

J.F. Martel’s Letter to B.W. Powe on “Where Seas and Fables Meet”

Seas and Fables CoverWhere Seas and Fables Meet is an extraordinary book. Brave and beautifully written. Your reflections on the Structure I found very powerful, prophetic. I loved your pages on Kubrick, as I am a fan too. Your observations are illuminating. The first piece of mine to be published was an essay on Kubrick that I wrote for the web magazine Reality Sandwich, so I felt a strong kinship when I read this material. I could go on about the rest of the book — the parabolic stories, the aphorisms. I found it very moving and inspiring.

Marshall Soules’ Response to “Decoding Dust”

DecodingDust_Cover-FNL2-HiRez (1)Decoding Dust is a marvellous collection. Your expression of love for family, particularly your children and ailing mother, is intensely moving and tender. Auxi’s presence is at the jewel centre of your journey into love, and seems to act as counterpoint to the shamanic visioning of Raven, allowing you to explore the sacred in the context of everyday observations. You tell a grand and inspiring story in the ordering of your fragments, prayers, and your tales, and your liberation philosophy. There is so much to savour,  to reflect on, the channelling of Georgie Yeats and Rumi and de Chardin perfectly en pointe. This is some of your best writing, so in tune with the time’s vibrations and oscillations. A gift.
Your words are opening up my heart and reminding me to take that leap into the unknown.

Marshall Soules, writer, artist, scholar, critic (2017)