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J.F. Martel’s Response to “Decoding Dust” (November, 2016)

“My god. I am blown away by the bardic power of this poetry. Thank you so much for putting this out into the world, which needs it so. 

I will write more about this, but I’m just beginning to process it. 

Your heart will crystallize for the greening to come…DecodingDust_Cover-FNL2-HiRez (1)
I’d risen with my lover into the primeval other…
I am Sommewhere … She knew at last the location of hell
Where we find resurrections we know there are graves…
Welcome, simulacrum!
The pizazz of increased being.


Simply numinous.”

J.F. Martel, author of “Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice. A treatise, critique, and call to action”