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In the Córdoba Sun

Sierra Morena

Sierra Morena-Córdoba (España)

Luis asked Why Lorca? Why Antonio Machado?
You’re Canadian after all
We were walking in the valley of the Sierra Morena

Passion I said I love their passion
A lot of hurt Luis said

He clutched his heart
And said
Yes –that is it –

B.W. Powe from an upcoming publication, “Universal Andalusia”


Dear Leonard Cohen
you’re wrong about Lorca
our poet is still alive

but not in New York CitySAMSUNG
we saw him in Granada
his body is now
where his soul always glowed

on el Paseo de los Tristes

People say they´ve seen an old old man
striking the stones with his cane
in the ancient place the gypsies call
the area of the morning

B.W. Powe from upcoming publication “Universal Andalusia”

B.W. Powe’s new book: Where Seas And Fables Meet: Parables, Aphorisms, Fragments, Thought.

Cover Seas and Fables Meet

This powerful, beautiful, book blends parables, aphorisms, dreams, fantasies, anecdotes, witticisms, puns, vignettes and prose poems in a meditative and often passionate way. It takes the risk of being free in its style and form, to affirm the possibilities of thought, spirit, heart, humour, and imagination. Here B.W. Powe gives us his boldest, most soul-revealing work to date. 



Bless stillness
quiet finer and larger
than my self

Bless the quiet
stilling distraction
mind emptying
turning to sky

Bless darkness
stealing in slowly
embracing me

Bless the gift
of speaking silence

Bless the moment
stillness steadies
like the guiding palm
my naked yearning

Bless sleep
into the calling
of night

B.W. Powe, from “The Unsaid Passing” (2005 Guernica Editions)