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A Prayer

May the ability to see many points of view keep us gentle.

Photograph by Cristina Miranda de Almeida

Photograph by Cristina Miranda de Almeida

May the ability to see a future keep us bold.

May the ability to recognize and reject hard-headed inequities and needless cruelties keep us compassionate and hopeful.

May the ability to perceive patterns that are yet to be fully realized keep us directed in our hearts and minds.

May your heart be touched, don’t let it shrivel or let its beat be diminished: let your heart go unprotected.

May you know how to reposition yourself, and keep the compass of your heart under the stars.

May the ability to communicate and to face facts, and yet to dream new dreams and to imagine fuller lives, give us the sweet strength we need.

SAMSUNG“Towards a Canada of Light” BW Powe, 2006 (Thomas Allen)

 ISBN 0-88762-228-3