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Mi Alma Mi Vida

Wherever I walk without you

I keep an open space beside me

that is yours

                                                                                              Para mi Auxisita, by BW Powe

    “Universal Andalucía” B.W. Powe (Upcoming Publication)

Auxi y Bruce. Mazagón Junio 2013

Auxi y Bruce. Mazagón Junio 2013


(Cellphone Call—to the hospital in the evening) by B.W. Powe

(Cellphone Call—to the hospital in the evening)     

What were you doing mom
I was eating dinner
what did you have
I don’t remember
was it edible
it must have been because I ate it
that was my mother—quickly here—mensa-like—
I laughed and said goodnight mom
goodnight son she said and goodnight moon
goodnight room goodnight air and goodnight noises
I smiled again—recalling the nursery rhyme too—
and said love you
the same she said the same

“Invisible Streams” B.W. Powe (Upcoming Publication)