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Bruce Allen Powe, June 09th, 1925-November 16th, 2018

Father, friend, mentor, companion in humour.



Beloved husband to Alys Maud Powe.
Beloved father to Kathleen and BW.
Beloved grandfather to Katie, TC, Jeremy and Elena.
Beloved father-in-law to Paul and Auxi.

Thank you for your generosity, kindness, decency, and wit.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.

May your spiritual travel now be gentle and welcoming.
And may your wine-cup be always full.
Farewell and fare forward.
Your devoted son,


New Book Coming Soon


“The Charge in the Global Membrane”

Words by BW Powe
Images by Marshall Soules
NeoPoiesis Press, 2019

Advance Review by Dr Elena Lamberti, author of the award winning Marshall McLuhan’s Mosaic: Probing the Literature Origins of Media Studies, University of Bologna.

“The overlapping of inner and outer landscapes in Powe’s new work transcends the paper membrane and turns the act of reading into an empowering visionary experience. Soules’s images beautifully respond to such a witty form. Together, word and imageries shape a much-needed performative storytelling that fosters transnational civic awareness at a time of dramatic global challenges.” 



I was in prison
unjustly jailed (I thought)
I asked for my freedom
The jailer refused
What was my crime I asked
Everything he said
Confused and angry
I wrote a letter to you

I received a lamp
a drawing made of lines and circles
a book with empty pages –some pencils-
a shawl and a cup for rain

these and the little food I was given
through the slot in the steel door
I read into the dark
reflected on the drawing
I wrote our shapes like letters
in the morning in your blank book
I prayed and kept warm by the lamp
and in the shawl then I fasted
drinking only from the small cup
filled with water that seeped into my cell

By day I became calm and happy
By night I drew and read more
Soon I saw between your lines
an open space and a silence
I saw the lines
become a shape like a map

Your map took me
to the crack in the floor
I scratched and dug there
By day I prayed and read
By night I learned how to dig
my way forward
slowly displacing the dirt
out the small barred window

When I came at last into
the sudden air the wind
the breath beyond the lines
the breathing behind the map
I knew the story lived in my hands
I stood up
What would I do now
with a soul

Autor, B.W. Powe

Liberation: Video-Poem from B.W. Powe’s Last Book: Decoding Dust


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Once the wind
tore us from tears
we followed the flood
by Zion’s trees

and found our harps
floating on waves
while those of the air
summoned us here

Every captive land
a home a haven
No one a stranger
all destinations vital

Hallowed is this place
with no gates and walls

Responses to “The Charge in the Global Membrane”

“If Marshall McLuhan were to rejoin us today, he would be stunned at how much has changed so quickly. …Your Membrane text does the update exactly as he would. …The integration of text with art work made me think at first of (what is for me) the best of Arthur Kroker… The art work by Marshall Soules is nothing short of amazing. He’s a sort of Wyndham Lewis, Marc Chagall, and Picasso rolled into one. …The text is masterly, always marrying precision and elegance with phrases such as ‘ripples of sensibility,’ “global epic of extremism,” the notion of pattern recognition flipping into paranoia… Well done!”
W. Terrence Gordon, author of Marshall McLuhan: Escape into Understanding, dramatist and essayist


“It takes a visionary to be able to make sense of the blur of the world whirling ever faster around us. The drawn images add another dimension to the words. …It takes a non-linear poetic mind to describe the new normal of our existence. …Loved the way this tied in Rimbaud and the ‘cusp artists.’
Diane Keating, poet, novelist, author of The Crying Out


“This is a great piece of work: a really timely synthesis of much of B.W.P’s thinking over the years. And the Cuban street-art plays at so many levels (I particularly like the irony).”
Jim Berry, artist and entrepreneur


The Charge is by far the best thing Powe´s written since McLuhan and Frye, sweeping in scope, finely tuned, and appropriate in style, deeply provocative in thought.”
Wilfred Cude, author of The PhD Trap and Weapons of Mass Disruption