These Shadows Remain

  • theseshadowsremain“This book is Franz Kafka meets Walt Disney. It is a visionary fable about images and dreams coming to life to haunt humans. It’s about how humans must come to terms with images and dreams. It is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as if rewritten by Marshall McLuhan. It is a necessary fable about how the world of images influences us and shapes us. It is an inspirational fable about how we must adjust to a new world of media and images–an inspirational tale about the mysteries of CGI and the new quest for identity in the global theatre. It is above all a story of love and redemption in the blurred realm of images and humanity.

    Art by Marshall Soules

    Art by Marshall Soules

    It is a story about cartoons and images and dreams and CGI that recalls ancient quest stories and Lord of the Rings but deeply changes our expectations about how these stories play out.

    It has a conflicted hero-knight whose identity is a mystery (even to him), it has courageous children, it has an enigmatic magician who seems to be in control of electricity and screens and cartoons and images, it has a love story about a half-human half-toon figure and a human being whose sense of longing and belonging is tested.

    Toons_ Toronto 2007_ Soules_4924-1

    Art by Marshall Soules

    It is a story about our future, when our children are more and more overwhelmed by how different realities possess us and inhabit our days and nights.” BW Powe (2013)

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